Friday, December 30, 2011


Cancun when I say this word I think of Paradise and that is what it is, Paradise. This city well known to the world is one my favorite destinations in Mexico. I know I know, I’m saying this because the weather in Michigan is not the best right now.. urrrr… but if you really want to go somewhere where the you want to feel like you are in paradise this is the place to go.  I went there three times and all each time I was amazed of the ocean and its white sands. From the moment you step of the plane and take your shuttle to your hotel, where most have all you can eat buffets.. ALLL DAY EVERY DAY… you will not go hungry… Did I mention that there’s also OPEN BAR.. Yes J)
Whatever your reason for going, spring break, honey moon, tanning trip, or simple R&B time you will not be disappointed. The bars, the restaurants, the history, the weather…the ocean you want to go there, also, it's very cheap, you can’t beat that for Paradise.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The begining

It all started in a high school classroom with my best friends where my a childhood dream would become real. Along with my best friends I embarked on a trip that would change my life forever.
Destination: France, to be precise, Paris. After a years of dreaming of traveling to Europe and visiting my favorite city in the world it all became possible on May 2000. With a group of students and my best friends, I said bye to my parents and hopped on plain to Paris. As I get there, I was speechless, amazed, astonished, in soo many words I was in another world. A world where time stood still, beauty was around the corner, a place where light seemed to glow from every coffee shop, every street artist, every garden every monument... the city of light. From the Arc de Triomphe, to a boat ride on the Seine to window shopping on Champ Elysees a sky view from the Eiffel Tower and going back in time on the Louvre  I became me...a dreamer..
For me it was the beginning of a journey that continues today....


I created this site for all the adventurers, dreamers and travelers who want to share a little of their travels. I love to travel and to share my memories of the special places visited and the people that I've met. There are places that I want to go, people that I want to meet, cultures that I want to learn about and this blog is deciated to that.
Tu Journey is that ,YOUR journey, what you have gained, what you wish you can forget, what you want others to see, at the end of the day it will be Tu journey..