Friday, December 30, 2011


Cancun when I say this word I think of Paradise and that is what it is, Paradise. This city well known to the world is one my favorite destinations in Mexico. I know I know, I’m saying this because the weather in Michigan is not the best right now.. urrrr… but if you really want to go somewhere where the you want to feel like you are in paradise this is the place to go.  I went there three times and all each time I was amazed of the ocean and its white sands. From the moment you step of the plane and take your shuttle to your hotel, where most have all you can eat buffets.. ALLL DAY EVERY DAY… you will not go hungry… Did I mention that there’s also OPEN BAR.. Yes J)
Whatever your reason for going, spring break, honey moon, tanning trip, or simple R&B time you will not be disappointed. The bars, the restaurants, the history, the weather…the ocean you want to go there, also, it's very cheap, you can’t beat that for Paradise.

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